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Maltese Festa 2019


The Religious Feasts of Malta and Gozo
Some 80 religious feasts are celebrated annually in the towns and villages of the
Maltese Islands. These feasts are generally held between May and September
and usually culminate on the weekend.

Known locally as il-festa, these events mark the feast of the patron saint of
a local church when celebrations, lasting over a period of a week, include
processions, fireworks displays, band marches, street decorations and parties.
During the festa week the community gathers and merry makes in the streets
and squares around the church, and street stalls are set up in the intricately
decorated streets and squares of the village or town.
This issue of stamps is the third in the series.

Floriana - Statue of St. Publius
The statue of St. Publius was carved in wood by Maltese artist Vincenzo Dimech
in 1811. Restoration on the statue was carried out in 1924 and then again in 1944
following damage in World War II. By the end of the 20th century the statue was
further restored including gilding by Publio Magro.

Zebbu- Statue of St. Philip
The statue of St. Philip was made in silver by the artist Luigi Fontana, in Rome, Italy and
was blessed by Pope Pius IX at the Vatican on the 13th of July 1863 and arrived in Malta
on the 29th of July of the same year.

Zejtun - Statue of St. Catherine
The statue of St. Catherine was commissioned in 1757. It was carved in wood by
the artist Andrea Imbroll and the statue was restored for the first time in 1883
and again in 1929.

Xewkija - Statue of St. John the Baptist
The statue of St. John Baptist was sculpted in wood by Pietru Pawl Azzopardi in
1845. It was carved out of one olive tree trunk and brought to the parish church
on the 22nd of June 1845.

Luqa - Statue of St. Andrew
The statue of St. Andrew was sculpted by Giuseppe Scolaro of Senglea in 1779.
It was designed by Capomastro Giuseppe Bonnici and commissioned by Andrea
Camenzuli. The statue was restored by Abraham Gatt in 1913.

Balzan - Statue of the Annunciation of Our Lady
The statue of the Annunciation of Our Lady was carved in wood in 1869 by Mastru
Salv Dimech of Mosta. Some alterations were made in 1930 under the direction
of the sculptor Abraham Gatt and executed by the sculptor Manwel Bu

Santa Venera - Statue of St. Venera
The statue of St. Venera was commissioned by Tumas Dalli and crafted in papiermache
by the artist Karmenu Mallia. This was brought to the parish church in 1919.

Marsaxlokk - Statue of Our Lady of Pompei
The statue of Our Lady of Pompei, was crafted in papier-mache in Lecce, Italy under
the supervision of Guzeppe Malicore. The statue was brought to Malta in 1899 and it
represents the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus presenting a rosary to St. Dominic and St.
Catherine of Siena.

Birgu - Statue of St. Lawrence
The statue of St. Lawrence by an unknown artist is of Spanish origin. The statue is
dressed in the sacred vestments of a deacon of the Roman Catholic Church. This
statue is also adorned with silver artefacts.

Zabbar - Statue of Our Lady of Grace
The statue of Our Lady of Grace was carved in wood in 1797. It is the work of
Mariano Gerada and believed to be his first carving in wood. The statue was gilded
in 1825 by Pietro Paolo Azzopardi and restored in 2011 by Aaron Camilleri Cauchi.
  • Date Of Issue:
  • 14 Aug 2019
  • Designer:
  • Design: Maltapost plc Photography: Mark Micallef Perconte
  • Perforation:
  • 13.9 x 14.0 (comb)
  • Process:
  • Offset
  • Sheet:
  • Set of 10 stamps
  • Denominations:
  • €0.28
  • Watermark:
  • Maltese Crosses
  • Size:
  • Sheet: 182mm x 115mm Stamp: 31mm x 44mm

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