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Euromed Joint Issue 2017 -'Trees in the Mediterranean'


MaltaPost will be participating in a EuroMed Postal Union philatelic stamp issue themed 'Trees of the Mediterranean'. Malta's stamps will feature the the Araar or Sandarac Tree.

In 1992, the Araar (Tetraclinis articulata) was selected as Malta's national tree. This tree is known to grow in just two European countries, namely Malta and southern Spain and also grows in certain areas of North Africa.

This tree was first reported growing in the Maqluba area in Qrendi and later, in the 1980's, other clusters were discovered in Mellieha. Today it is found in several afforestation projects, including Foresta2000. Its name originates from the Arab word; Araar, similar to gharghar in Maltese meaning floods. This is probably due to the fact that as soon as the first rains fall, the tree's seeds quickly germinate and grow.

The Araar tree is highly suited to Malta's dry climate as it is resistant to drought. It can reach as high as 15 metres, but generally is much shorter due to the low soils levels and rocky areas on which it grows.

EuroMed was established in 2011 and is organising this joint stamp issue. It forms part of the Universal Postal Union, and marks the Mediterranean region as a political, economic and social area.
  • Date Of Issue:
  • 10 Jul 2017
  • Designer:
  • Richard J Caruana
  • Process:
  • offset
  • Sheet:
  • set of two stamps
  • Denominations:
  • 10c - €3.63
  • Watermark:
  • Maltese Crosses

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  • Block of 4 Euromed - Trees 2017 - €17.61

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  • PP Euromed - Trees 2017 - €5.88

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  • SF w set Euromed Trees 2017 - €5.58

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Issue Stamps

  • €3.63 Euromed - Trees 2017

  • 10c Euromed - Trees 2017