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Balcony Corbels


A set of three stamps depicting corbels that support typical Maltese balconies. The stamps are based on artwork by artist Cedric Galea Pirotta.

Balconies have had a very important role in defining the character of the Maltese urban landscape, especially through their profusion of colours and decoration. In fact balconies highlight the street of Malta and Gozo. Balconies are usually the main element of a facade and have the primary role of determining the architectural hierarchy of a building.
Their main use is that of providing light to the building and they are also important in controlling the temperature within a building. In years gone by balconies were often used by families to hang their washing. This practice can still be seen in certain areas, especially in houses with no access to the roof. Balconies can often be seen decorated and adorned with lights during religious feasts or other festivities.

One vital feature of balconies is the corbels used to support them. Architects used two different methods to provide support for the base of the balconies. They either created a masonry cushion along the length of the base of the balcony or else inserted stone brackets at right angles to the wall on which the balcony rested.
The latter option was the most popular option, and such option in fact provided Malta with some lavish decorations. These brackets or corbels are known as 'saljaturi'.
Saljaturi or corbels may be decorated in a variety of manners, some of them featuring gargoyles, figureheads, emblems or other decorations.
  • Date Of Issue:
  • 15 Oct 2016
  • Designer:
  • Cedric Galea Pirotta
  • Perforation:
  • 13.9 x 14.0 (comb)
  • Process:
  • offset
  • Sheet:
  • Set of 3 stamps
  • Denominations:
  • €0.26, €1.00, €1.16
  • Watermark:
  • Maltese Crosses
  • Size:
  • stamp: 31mm x 44mm, sheet 185mm x 118mm

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